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Dec 2020 Proposed Park Amenities Graphic
December 2020 update on Park Survey and Planning

For checklist table of proposed amenities and locations, see "News" under General Info on the Recreation Commission's home page:

Welcome to Erving Recreation Commission

It is Tick Season Year-Round

Ticks are out and about in great numbers this year. Please take precautions to avoid tick-borne diseases, such as:

*Check yourself and your children and pets for ticks after every outing.
*Apply repellent to exposed skin and to the outside of clothing and shoes.
*Avoid areas with tall grasses if possible, or wear long pants and socks when walking in those areas.
*Educate yourself on ticks, tick removal, and tick-borne diseases.

COVID-19 Recreation Commission Information

Playgrounds, Courts and Sports Equipment are open for public use.

This includes facilities at Zilinski Field, Usher & Riverfront Park, Church St Park, and Veterans' Field.

Park Street Park remains closed for renovations and playground installation.

We recognize that being outdoors is beneficial for mental and physical health, and our parks are wonderful places for families to walk or kick a ball around together, to simply sit and listen to the birds and watch the clouds. Please use them with the safety of yourself and our community in mind.

Park fields are open to users who follow MA State and CDC regulations regarding social distancing:
    • Do not visit parks or public places if you are ill -- Stay home
    • No public gatherings of sizes that exceed the maximum group size set forth in MA State regulations.
    • If playgrounds or sports fields are crowded, please wait or come back at another time when there are less people using them.
    • Maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and other individuals
    • Wear a mask if unvaccinated when you are in public and can not socially distance per MA State and CDC guidelines.
    • Wash your hands after being outside and refrain from touching your face while outside.
Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Stay Healthy and Safe!

The Erving Recreation Commission is made up of five elected commissioners, each serving a three year term.

The Commission provides recreational programs and community activities for the citizens of Erving and maintains Zilinski Field, Veteran’s Field, Church Street Park, Park Street Park, and the Riverfront Park. Our recreational programs include programs such as youth basketball, baseball, T-ball and soccer.
The Erving Recreation Commission provides a full day Summer Park Program during the months of July and August. This program takes place at the Erving Elementary School grounds. Annual events include an Pancake Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk or Treat, our Fall Festival and Visit with Santa.
The Erving Recreation Commission is always open to suggestions for new programs for children and adults.

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